Mass Spectrum isotope pattern calculator

Using this form you can calculate the mass spectrum isotope pattern for a compound or complex. Simply type the formula in the box below, enter the charge on the parent ion (usually 1) then press return.

Notes on entering formulae:

  • You must enter valid, case sensitive, chemical symbols for the elements: eg KMnO4 not kmno4
  • Do not include punctuation such as '.', ',', '=' etc in the formula.
  • You may include pre-defined ligands (Me, Et, Pr, Bu, Ph, Cp etc) in the formula, so for Sn(CH3)4 you can enter SnMe4, Sn(Me)4, Sn(CH3)4, SnC4H12 etc.
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  • You may include any number of matched brackets, for example Cp2TiF2, [Cp2TiF2], [(Cp)2TiF2] and (C5H5)2Ti(F)2 all refer to the same compound.

Formula :
charge :