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University-related Chemistry links

Fluorine Group
School of Chemistry Web Page
The University of Manchester

Chemical Societies and Journals

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Home Page
The RSC Fluorine Subject Group Page
The American Chemical Society (ACS) Home Page
ACS Fluorine Division Home Page
RSC Chemical Communications Journal
J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Transactions
Inorganic Chemistry
J.Fluorine Chem. - Elsevier [J. Fluorine Chem. Contents]
J.Organomet. Chem. - Elsevier [Contents]
Inorg. Chim. Acta. - Elsevier [Contents]
Inorg. Chem. Commun. - Elsevier [Contents]
Chemistry & Industry
World-wide Club for Chemists
Jobs for Chemists


Fluorine-related Chemical Companies & Suppliers

Apollo Scientific
BOC, suppliers of gasses, including fluorine
Mexichemfluor (was INEOS fluor)
F2Chemicals Ltd
ChemExper, suppliers catalogue


Software, Scientific & Linux

Kubuntu - The KDE based Ubuntu distribution we use on desktop computers
Slackware - Our other dependable Linux distribution
AbiWord - a free, light on resources, powerful word processor for reading and writing a huge range of document formats ...
LibreOffice - an excellent freeware replacement of Microsoft Office for Windows, Linux ...
Jabref - freeware reference manager for Windows, Linux ...
SpinWorks - excellent freeware NMR processing software. Works on Windows systems or under Wine or mono (see link below) for Linux.
GAMESS - An advanced free ab initio quantum chemistry package like Guassian.
MestreC - NMR processing software, get version 2.3, it is free and does 1D stuff okay. Works under Wine for Linux
Platon - Xray crystallography program (freeware, for Windows or Linux)
Povray - the excellent Persistence of Vision ray-tracing freeware program
Further information related to linux and its use in chemistry can be found on our chemistry and linux page.

Web related

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Other Sites

NIST (US) Fundamental Constants 
NIST (US) Chemistry Book
Beilstein list of German Chemistry terms
MSDS Safety Data Sheets
NMR reference site
US Environment Protection Agency
National Rail (for on-line train times)


Academic Related

Daresbury Laboratory


Dabbling in Fluorine, by Stephen K. Ritter, C&EN, Volume 90 Issue 9, February 27, 2012, pp. 10-17

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