The Research Group - Past & Present

A huge "Thank you" to all group members - past and present

This page lists members of the group, past and present, and where available provides links to relevent web pages. It also acts as a reminder of all the hard work carried out by former PhD, MSc and final year BSc and MChem project students - without them the chemistry wouldn't be where it is today - Thank you very much for your efforts, and making the group an enjoyable place to work!

Academic visitors

Prof Dick Powell
Dr Ardeshir Khazaei - Bu-Ali Sina University, Iran
Dr Lakhdar Sekhri - Universite de Ouargla, Algeria
Dr Mohamed Abdul-Ghani - Beirut Arab University, Lebanon
Dr Hamid Goudarziafshar, Bu-Ali Sina University, Iran

PDRAs, PhD and MSc Students

Dr Kulbinder Banger - PhD 1998 - Post-doc at State University New York (SUNY), then Ohio Aerospace Institute and the Optoelectronics group at Cambridge University, now at the Rowland Institute, Harvard
Mark Ellis - MSc 1998 - PhD at Daresbury
Dr Nick Barnes - PhD 2000 and a post-doc at UMIST and now Manchester
Florent Vedel - MSc 2000
Dr Jackie Greenall - project student then PhD student, gained her PhD in 2003
Dr Ian Crossley - project student then PhD student, gained his PhD in 2003. Post-doc with Prof Tony Hill (ANU), then at Monash and now at Sussex University.
Dr Ed Matthews - PhD 2004
Dr Gareth Rhys Williams - gained his PhD in 2005
Dr Hana Ali Gabah - was an MPhil student, then returned as a PhD student with us, PhD in 2015
Dr Gavin Potter - PhD 2008, then Peakdale Chemicals
Dr Andy Balantyne - PhD 2009, then postdoc at Leicester with Prof Andrew Abbott
Dr Dave Meehan - PhD 2010
Dr Chris Herbert - linkedin PhD 2010, post-doc at UEA, now working at Peakdale Molecular
Dr Chris Mason - PDRA with Drs Budd & Brisdon, now at Hexcel in Cambridge
Dr Hana Alhanash - PhD 2012
Dr Fatma Alhanash - PhD 2012
Anthony Thomas - RA since 2011, now working at Tennants Distribution Ltd
Dr Farouk Al'Issa - PhD 2014
Dr Greg Price - PhD student (joint supervisor: Peter Quayle), then a PhD+ Fellowship at Manchester, before heading off to Canada.
Dr Amina Ejgandi - PhD 2016
Sobia Shaheen - MSc student, now working at United Utilites Scientific and Analytical Services
Dr Sanna Abushewa - PhD in 2017
Francis Tumwesigye - was an MSc project student with us
Dr Abeer Muneer - PhD in 2018
Dr Arij Addaraidi - PhD in 2018
Azadeh Amirloo - MPhil student
Dr Lulu Alluhaibi - PhD in 2018
Nurul Izwani Binit Mohamad Ghani - MSc project student with us
Dr Mohamad Shazwan Shah Bin Jamil - PhD 2020
Dr Hind Alghamdi - MSc and PhD (2021)
Dr Sarah McDougall - PhD in 2021
Dr Sultan Alkaabi - PhD in 2022
Dr Hajar Alhazzani - PhD student 2022
Ahmed Aloufi - MPhil then PhD student
Frankie Kataria - PhD student
Diyuan Li - MSc project student within the group

Visiting students

Martin Oestreich - Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg, then Muenster, now Professor at the Technical University, Berlin.
Jurg Wieland
Joerg Henig, A K Mayer research group at Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen, Germany
Juan Guerrero-Leal, Univesity of Murcia, Spain, then post-doc at TAMU
Bernd Beutel, University of Marburg, now University of Munster, with Prof G. Haufe

BSc and MChem Research Project Students

Jonathan Gawtrey - Head of Product Category Development at L'Oreal in Paris.
Chris Blackman - PhD at RMC Schrivenham, Lecturer at UCL, London
Mark Alder - PhD gained from UMIST with Kevin Flower
Claire Sparks - MSc in Environmental chemistry, Aberdeen
James Forrest - PhD gained from UMIST in the Centre for Microporous Materials
Zahid Khan - working at Glaxo Wellcome
Melanie Kingston - PhD at Bremen University, Germany
Arti Gupta - Working for Thames Water
Graeme Damart - science teacher, after teacher training in Manchester
Russell Banham - went on to a PhD at University of Nottingham
James Sherrington - PhD at Leicester, then F2 Chemicals, now at Victrex
Will Brown - UMIST Student Association president, then Christie's Hospital, now Business Strategist, Marconi
Joe Fay - was at Nova chemicals, then GE Waters & Process Technologies
Ryan Malcolmson - teacher training
James Morey - GSK, Stevenage, then PhD, Cambridge, then with Takeda Cambridge Ltd
Ratna Shah
Sara Thomas - went to work at Astra Zeneca
Dr Cheryl Fish - went on to a PhD at Bristol University
Dr Ray Wong - PhD at UMIST
Lisa Boardman - went to work at BP, Sunbury
Dr Ian Tidmarsh - project student with us then PhD with Eric McInnes, Victoria University of Manchester
Dr Andrew Jolley - project student with us, then a PhD with Frank Mair, then a post-doc at Southampton
2008/9 Belloumi Kangati - worked at acalenergy
2008/9 Marc Radigois linkedin - worked at Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre then a PhD at the University of Southampton
2008/9 Francine Edwards
2009/10 Jess Fairall - went travelling in South America.
2009/10 Rebecca White - did a PhD with Polly Arnold at Edinburgh
2009/10 Tom Coxon - a nowNANO PhD in the MIB
2010/11 Lois O'Leary - started work as an Assistant Editor of CHEMsusCHEM and CHEMcatCHEM in Germany with Wiley
2010/11 Iain Meager - PhD at Imperial College
2011/12 Henry Michelmore - MSc at Bath
2011/12 Ben Wilkes linkedin - has a job at Genzyme
2011/12 Mary Wilkinson - went on to teacher training
2012/13 Sam Taylor - has a position with Morgan Advanced Materials
2012/13 Rebecca Broomfield - moved to work in London
2013/14 Tom Neill - did a PhD at Manchester
2013/14 Jacob Spears - moved to A G Barr
2013/14 Cody Wagner- is also looking to start a PhD at Manchester
2014/15 Heena Panchal - moved to Nottingham for a PhD
2014/15 Sarah Smythe
2015/16 Dr Robert Nixon - PhD, then postdoc in Manchester
2015/16 Jack Elshaw - worked for ABF
2016/17 Dr Joe Mahmoud - did a PhD in Manchester (2021)
2016/17 Jack Thacker - went travelling
2017/18 Kai Chan
2017/18 Emily Matthews
2021/22 Daniel Riley-Guiu
2021/22 Paige Halil
2022/23 Solomon Uwins
2022/23 Blake Crompton

There are many others, but I don't have up-to-date information for them. If you are reading this please contact me. Similarly, if you want me to update the information, or link to linkedin or similar pages then let me know; details are on the contacts page.

There is a (very) slowly expanding photo gallery of the Group members which you might like to visit!

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