Interactive Structure Viewing

We use theJmol/Jsmol Java/JavaScript program to display an interactive representation of your chosen structure - the Java applet will be used if it can be, otherwise the HTML5 version in Javascript is used as a fall back. These can take a moment or two to load the first time that you use it. If you do not see a picture then you probably don't have Java or JavaScript, or they are disabled in your browser options.

[Ball & stick]  [spacefill]   [Unitcell & Labels off]  [Show unitcell] [Molecule display]

You can rotate, resize and modify the display of the picture using your mouse - to rotate just right-click on the structure and drag it; to resize hold down the shift key whilst dragging. If you want to add labels, change the viewing style, measure distances or angles etc then right click the molecule and use the menus that appear.

The links beneath the picture can be used to convert between ball and stick and spacefilling representations, and between single molecules or the unit cell.